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ORIA elevator adopts advanced microcomputer control technology, and adhere to choose high intensity profile to design and manufacture of capsules, greatly improve the performance of ORIA elevator quality and efficiency of ORIA. ORIA elevator strict & have spent GB7588 < elevator manufacturing and installation safety norms "and so on all the current national standard, make the product structure is rigorous, the intensity is high, safe and reliable, durable, smooth operation, big door width and high cost performance advantages make the count freight elevator factory, warehouse, & have spent Shopping malls and other places.

Features:  have spent Full computer frequency conversion variable pressure control  have spent Stable and reliable, lower noise, run more smoothly and take more comfortable have spent Large door width: the more the car door, folding hall open maximum width for big goods in and out of the have spent Accurate: flat layer flat layer within the scope of millimeter accuracy have spent Durable: made of high strength of material is durable Use contactless control, simple operation, high reliability  have spent Enclosed structure of lifelong free maintenance, high efficiency, low temperature rise  have spent Motor overheating protection device and prolong the service life of the host

1.    Save energy: VVVF speed regulation is a revolution in the field of elevator drag, significantly reduce power consumption and power supply capacity of the ac double speed than traditional energy saving nearly 40%, is the developing direction of current freight elevator speed control technology.
2.    Excellent speed regulating performance: VVVF speed regulating can adjust the elevator speed, smooth greatly improve the accuracy of elevator running comfort, flat layer and running noise.
3.   Torque characteristics: the regulation of VVVF speed regulation can smooth the elevator speed, greatly improve the accuracy of elevator running comfort, flat layer and running noise.
4.    Drag VVVF variable voltage variable frequency, variable voltage variable frequency drive, the speed of the elevator is controlled by frequency converter. Start, deceleration, flat layer of different stages, such as speed control, through the adjustment of the frequency converter, can improve the smooth layer precision, reduce the role. And in energy conservation, improve power factor, improving the efficiency of the elevator.
5.    AC double speed 2: AC – AC double-speed drive way is directly from the power supply to express winding, after accelerated run: when slowing down, and release slowly winding layer.

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