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Escalators small story of truth
With the rapid growth of society, some shopping malls and work on the central have installed the escalator, often in these crowded area, also a lot of escalator accident. Out of line is summer, escalator accident is very frequent. The second spring, summer is a girl, because everyone is wearing some beautiful dress. Behind this fresh but often bury of confused safe hidden trouble. Escalator manufacturer tell you a story, this is a story of a shopping mall. Seems to be more than 1 point, li mou in a supermarket shopping, take the escalator downstairs, watched as close to the air on the ground floor, but Russia but feel skirt as if being tackled the infection, a look he realized skirt caught in the elevator on the edge of the cracks inside. Quickly pull skirt, she wants the roll out of the department, but because the elevator still running, the skirt was "bite". By the further in order to avoid dress, she had to firmly seize the skirt, embarrassed to stand in the elevator and trade partner to come over to help with her skirt, but did not succeed, skirt volume more more, she had to bend the body. Fortunately, staff soon arrived, the elevator stop button. Although, the maintenance personnel of the supermarket with objects, counsel make a skirt, but still is no good. Personnel at the time, the supermarket will be the means to adjust to the opposite operation target, then start again, the dress will be "saved". But already face all the. "Luckily brick is ok, dress is broken is broken." Li mou, said her value to advance, although the supermarket elevator with warning signs, but actually not waiting. Elevator manufacturers selling staff initiative, should be in the supermarket next to the elevator set up the warning mark, add the occurrence of such tasks. According to expert introduced, in addition to the dress, the hole hole shoes, high-heeled shoes, slippers etc. The most easily by escalator "stare" on, pick up some shopping malls will also start to try the new rules, gave escalator all brush, avoid similar transactions.
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